Listen, this means a lot to me. I already speculated on our future but let's look back at the stillness of remembering what we've had and what we've lost, pet-wise, as a nation
  1. George Washington had eight dogs
    Three American Staghounds: Sweetlips (yep), Scentwell, and Vulcan. How dope are these names?? Four Black and Tan Coonhounds: Drunkard, Taster, Tipler, and Tipsy. Washington deserves an award in dog naming. And a greyhound named Cornwallis. He also had a horse, a donkey, and Martha had a parrot AND A FERAL TOMCAT NAMED AFTER ALEXANDER HAMILTON
  2. John Adams had three dogs and a horse
    The dogs: Juno, Mark, and Satan (yeah). And the horse: Cleopatra
  3. Thomas Jefferson had a mockingbird named Dick
    That pretty much sums up Thomas Jefferson
  4. He also had two Briards
    Named Buzzy and the other one's name is unknown. Look at those jammers! PLUS, he had two bear cubs and his horse, Caractacus (Fetch me my horse, Caractacus!)
  5. James Madison had a Macaw
  6. James Monroe had a Siberian Husky named Sebastian and a spaniel
  7. John Quincy Adams had silkworms and an alligator
  8. Andrew Jackson had five horses
    Bolivia, Emily, Lady Nashville, Sam Patches, and Truxton
  9. Fighting cocks and a parrot named Polly that he taught to swear
  10. Martin Van Buren briefly owned two tiger cubs
  11. William Henry Harrison had a Durham Cow named Sukey and a goat
  12. John Tyler had an Italian greyhound
    Named Le Beau. He also had a canary named Johnny Ty (creative) and a horse named The General
  13. James K. Polk had a horse
  14. Zachary Taylor had a horse named Old Whitey
  15. Millard Fillmore had two ponies named Mason and Dixon
  16. Franklin Pierce had seven miniature oriental dogs and two Japanese birds
  17. James Buchanan had a Newfoundland named Lara, a toy terrier named Punch, and an EAGLE
  18. Abraham Lincoln had two cats named Tabby and Dixie
    Once said that Dixie was smarter than his whole cabinet
  19. A dog named Fido
  20. A dog named Jip
  21. He also had two goats named Nanny and Nanko, a turkey named Jack, a horse, and a rabbit
  22. Andrew Johnson fed white mice he found in his bedroom
  23. Ulysses S. Grant had eight horses
    Butcher Boy, Cincinnatus, Egypt, Jeff Davis, Jennie, Julia, Mary, and St. Louis. He also had two ponies named Billy Button and Reb, a Newfoundland named Faithful, and another dog named Rosie.
  24. Rutherford B. Hayes had eight dogs and three cats
    A cocker spaniel named Dot, a Newfoundland named Hector, an English Mastiff named Duke, a greyhound named Grim (great name), a miniature schnauzer named Otis, two hunting dogs named Juno and Sheep, a cat named Piccolomini, and two Siamese cats that were a gift from the King of Siam named Siam and Miss Pussy
  25. James A. Garfield had a horse named Kit and a dog named Veto
    Special thanks to myhorseclipart.com
  27. Chester A. Arthur had a rabbit and three horses
  28. Grover Cleveland had mockingbirds and a Japanese Poodle named Hector
  29. Benjamin Harrison had a goat named Whiskers, a collie named Dash, and two possums named Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection
    I repeat, two possums named Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection
  30. William McKinley had a yellow-headed Mexican parrot named Washington Post
    Also two angora kittens named Valeriano Weyler and Enrique DeLome (so elaborate!) and roosters
  31. Theodore Roosevelt brought a zoo to the White House
  32. A pony named Algonquin
  33. A Manchester Terrier named Blackjack
  34. A blue macaw named Eli Yale
  35. Two dogs named Gem and Susan
  36. A bull terrier named Pete
  37. A small bear named Jonathan Edwards
  38. A badger named Josiah
  39. A Pekingese named Manchu
  40. A Saint Bernard named Rollo
  41. A mongrel named Skip
  42. A Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Sailor Boy
  43. Cats named Tom Quartz and Slippers
  44. A one-legged rooster
  45. He also had six Guinea pigs
    Admiral Dewey, Bishop Doane, Dr. Johnson, Father O'Grady, and Fighting Bob Evans
  46. A hen named Baron Spreckle, a lizard named Bill, a garter snake named Emily Spinach, a pony named Fedelity, a Piebald rat named Jonathan, a pig named Maude, a rabbit named Peter, terriers named Jack and Peter, A HYENA, and a barn owl
  47. William Howard Taft had a dog named Caruso and two cows named Mooly Wooly and Pauline Wayne
    Pauline Wayne grazed the White House lawn freely
  48. Woodrow Wilson had an Airedale Terrier named Davey, a cat named Puffins, a greyhound named Mountain Boy, a Bull Terrier named Bruce, songbirds, a flock of sheep
    Specifically, a sheep that chewed tobacco named Old Ike
  49. Warren G. Harding had a squirrel named Pete
  50. A bulldog named Old Boy and an Airedale Terrier named Laddie Boy
  51. Calvin Coolidge also brought a zoo
    That included his white collies Rob Roy and Prudence Prim, a bulldog named Boston Beans, a German Shepard named King Cole, a Bird Dog named Palo Alto, a collie named Bessie, a donkey named Ebeneezer, canaries named Nip and Tuck, a goose named Enoch, a BOBCAT named Smoky, a wallaby, a black bear, a duiker (a very small antelope)
  52. A terrier named Peter Pan
  53. An Airedale terrier named Paul Pry
  54. A Shetland sheepdog named Calamity Jane
  55. Chow Chows named Tiny Tim and Blackberry
  56. Raccoons named Rebecca and Horace
  57. A cat named Tiger
  58. Lion cubs named Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau
  59. And a Pygmy hippopotamus named Billy
  60. Herbert Hoover had ten dogs
    A Belgian Shepard named King Tut (pictured), Fox Terriers named Big Ben and Scottie, a Scotch collie named Glen, an Eskimo dog named Yukonan, an Irish Wolfhound named Patrick
  61. A Norweigan Elkhound named Weejie
  62. A setter named Eaglehurst Gillette and a schnauzer named Whoopie
  63. And a German Shepard named Pat
  64. Oh and he also had two alligators
  65. Franklin D. Roosevelt had his famous Scottie, Fala
    Fala became part of FDR's public image and was buried beside him. There's a statue of him at the FDR memorial in DC. Fala rules
  66. He also had six other dogs
    A Scottie named Meggie and a German Shepard named Major (pictured), an Old English Sheepdog named Tiny, a Great Dane named President, a Bullmastiff named Blaze
  67. And a Llewellyn Setter named Winks
  68. Harry S. Truman had two dogs
    A cocker spaniel named Feller
  69. And an Irish Setter named Mike
  70. Dwight D. Eisenhower had a Weimaraner named Heidi
  71. The Kennedys also brought a zoo
    They had a Welsh Terrier named Charlie, a Doberman Pinscher named Moe, an Irish Cocker Spaniel named Shannon, a mutt named Wolf, a Harlequin beauceron named Clipper, a mutt named Pushinka (a gift from Nikita Krushchev, puppy of the Soviet space dog). Pushinka and Charlie had four puppies: Butterfly, White Tips, Blackie, and Streaker.
  72. They also had a poodle named Gaullie
    A canary named Robin, parakeets named Bluebell and Marybelle, hamsters named Debbie and Billie, a rabbit named Zsa Zsa
  73. A cat named Tom Kitten
    It was Caroline's cat but they had to give her to Jackie's family because Caroline was allergic
  74. A horse named Sardar
    A gift to Jackie from the governor of Pakistan
  75. And a pony named Macaroni
    And two more ponies named Tex and Leprechaun
  76. Lyndon B. Johnson had Beagles named Him and Her
    He was famously criticized by animal rights groups for being photographed holding Him up by his ears. He also had two more Beagles named Edgar and Freckles, hamsters, lovebirds
  77. A white collie named Blanco
  78. And a mongrel dog named Yuki
  79. Richard Nixon had three dogs
    A poodle named Vicki, a terrier named Pasha, and an Irish Setter named King Timahoe. He also had a dog named Checkers who died before he moved into the White House but was famously cited in one of his campaign speeches and is credited for making him a more sympathetic candidate.
  80. Gerald Ford had a golden retriever named Liberty
    I didn't think anyone could say Ford was our nation's best president and yet here we are
  81. Look at this nugget!
  82. I mean
  83. I'm dying
  84. Liberty had puppies born in the White House!!!
    The Fords kept one and named it Misty
  85. His daughter Susan also had a Siamese cat named Shan
  86. Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy got a Border Collie named Grits as a gift from her teacher
    But then they gave Grits back to her teacher??? This is so weird why would your teacher give you a dog? They also had an Afghan Hound named Lewis Brown and Amy had a Siamese cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang
  87. Ronald Reagan had six dogs
    His famous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rex, an Irish Setter named Peggy, a Siberian Husky named Taca, a Belgian sheepdog named Fuzzy
  88. A Bouvier des Flandres named Lucky
  89. And golden retriever named Victory
    He also kept horses at his Ranch in California during his presidency
  90. George H. W. Bush had a Springer Spaniel named Millie
    Millie is referred to as the most famous dog in White House history. In his 1992 bid for reelection, Bush said Millie knew more about foreign affairs than Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Lol. Millie wrote a book that was #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. Millie is bae
  91. Millie, srsly u rock
  92. Millie had puppies!!!
    And they kept on and named it Ranger, but Ranger died of cancer 4 years later 💔
  93. Bill Clinton had a chocolate lab named Buddy
    Thumbs up to this scene
  94. And Chelsea had her cat, Socks
    Socks was a stray cat that they adopted. Socks and Buddy DID NOT get along. Bill said, "I did better with Palestinians and Israelis than I've done with Socks and Buddy." When the Clintons left the White House they gave Socks to his secretary because the drama was TOO MUCH
  95. George W. Bush had one of Millie's puppies named Spot "Spotty" Fetcher
    Named after Texas Rangers baseball player Scott Fletcher
  96. They also had their two Scotties Barney and Mrs. Beazley
    Barney and Mrs. Beazley are goals. Barney had his own website. They loved volleyballs and golf balls and liked watching people play horseshoes. Karl Rove called Barney "a lump." How rude! Putin thought world leaders should own large, robust dogs and say his black lab Koni was "bigger, tougher, stronger, faster, meaner than Barney." Cool story Putin
  97. Plus they had a cat named India
    They sometimes called her Willie. Poor India on Halloween. And Bush had a longhorn cow named Ofelia on his ranch in Texas
  98. Barack Obama has two Portuguese Water Dogs named Bo and Sunny
    Bo and Sunny seem chill I guess. Do they like volleyballs? I don't know. I would appreciate a deeper glimpse into their lives please
  99. Okay see my other list to see who could be next, hope you enjoyed this long ass list