Sorry real life friends and family, you guys pale in comparison to the people on this app AS USUAL
  1. Because @afterlife gave me
  2. A calendar
  3. Not just any calendar
  4. A pinup girl calendar
  5. Not just any pinup girl calendar
  6. A pinup girl calendar with Bill Hader's face photoshopped over the pinup girls
  7. Complete with monthly inspirational Bill Hader quotes
  8. Are you ready?
  9. I don't think you're ready for this jelly
  10. Take a moment to get ready
  11. Okay, here we go:
  12. January
    Ccd9218b 9dbf 4486 8132 5e1d47c3c984
  13. February
    0b48d8de 7b48 4921 b85c cbd01db68900
  14. March
    B68cf001 094e 44f3 b7ed bc74f5638a75
  15. April
    B5d50d3e 6350 4ab6 b996 a6ed836f324c
  16. May
    92e9b0b1 0d8f 4bac a413 7bcb0e9ad8ee
  17. June
    6c8c9891 93dd 410f 827d a2ecfb92e787
  18. Can't forget
    A720164b b024 4453 be18 850327568503
  19. July
    C1b9cd49 cf83 4c6a b3e3 ab24b828c216
  20. August
    033c2e7e 308a 4d0f a183 40959e7ab712
  21. September
    3d841b00 2314 4ede b46a 66846b26caa8
  22. October
    Bcb6614e 7c5b 4e0f bc01 e9539edb78eb
  23. November
    D362f007 b6b7 4666 8a48 edb53a4131d3
  24. December
    21a36ef9 37c3 4bfb b562 f5fbe10b38be
  25. Also this
    8a4be117 c351 4f4a 9404 ef26230d31b2
  26. I can die now
  27. Thank you Esther!!!! 💕📿🍾👏🏻🏆🎅🏻🎅🏽🎅🏿 You truly outdid any expectations
    And thank you Esther's friend @mess, she helped
  28. And thank you @ChrisK !!!!!!!! For making magic happen