I'm in the process of watching the miniseries and just keep being like, can I steal ur look?
  1. Look at that coat
  2. Plus the scarf game
  3. Monochromatic gray with caplets forever
  4. So much monochrome gray
  5. This fur hat
  6. Headscarf in the bathtub? Genius
  7. Justin Theroux got me wanting to add some royal blue to my wardrobe
  8. Is that wig purple tinted?? Into it
  9. This is A LOOK
  10. Yo Hamilton, can I steal that coat?
  11. Ben Franklin rocking a flower crown like he's Lana Del Rey
  12. Not to mention this entire situation
  13. Fuzzy hats forever
  14. Founding father fashion forever
    Like, maybe Capri pants CAN work??