The original poster was designed to boost morale in the UK during WWII. Look how far we've come.
  1. Um this imagery is a little disturbing
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  2. Alright
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  3. Be more relatable
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  4. Huh?
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  5. Horrible advice
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  6. Horrible advice
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  7. Horrible advice
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  8. Branding
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  9. Gross
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  10. If I am breaking the law I will not be calm
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  11. I feel like calmness is not on brand for Converse, how can you skank if you're calm?
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  12. I feel like it should be the other way around
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  13. How are the two things related?
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  14. Don't even know what that is
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  15. Alright
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  16. Alright
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  17. Alright
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  18. No thank you
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  19. Okay that show is turbulent, how am I am supposed to stay calm when I see Taylor Momsen's look?
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  20. I use a Mac, this isn't helpful
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  21. Opposite of calm
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  22. Too flirty
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  23. So flirty
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  24. Would you not keep calm of it was a girl?
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  25. Is calmness swag?
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  26. I feel like you're trying to trick me
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  27. Yikes
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  28. Morbid
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  29. Uh they were not very calm bc like Voldy was on their ass? Can she live?
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  30. Encouraging material for a public school classroom
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  31. Carrie had no chill
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  32. LOL, YouTube
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  33. Let's not encourage DJs
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  34. I'll pass
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  35. So specific
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  36. Probably the most useful one
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  37. Aggressive
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  38. How am I possibly expected to do both?
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  39. I feel sick just reading this, it's not calming
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  40. How do I keep calm AND turn up simultaneously?
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  41. Okay fine
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