The original poster was designed to boost morale in the UK during WWII. Look how far we've come.
  1. Um this imagery is a little disturbing
  2. Alright
  3. Be more relatable
  4. Huh?
  5. Horrible advice
  6. Horrible advice
  7. Horrible advice
  8. Branding
  9. Gross
  10. If I am breaking the law I will not be calm
  11. I feel like calmness is not on brand for Converse, how can you skank if you're calm?
  12. I feel like it should be the other way around
  13. How are the two things related?
  14. Don't even know what that is
  15. Alright
  16. Alright
  17. Alright
  18. No thank you
  19. Okay that show is turbulent, how am I am supposed to stay calm when I see Taylor Momsen's look?
  20. I use a Mac, this isn't helpful
  21. Opposite of calm
  22. Too flirty
  23. So flirty
  24. Would you not keep calm of it was a girl?
  25. Is calmness swag?
  26. I feel like you're trying to trick me
  27. Yikes
  28. Morbid
  29. Uh they were not very calm bc like Voldy was on their ass? Can she live?
  30. Encouraging material for a public school classroom
  31. Carrie had no chill
  32. LOL, YouTube
  33. Let's not encourage DJs
  34. I'll pass
  35. So specific
  36. Probably the most useful one
  37. Aggressive
  38. How am I possibly expected to do both?
  39. I feel sick just reading this, it's not calming
  40. How do I keep calm AND turn up simultaneously?
  41. Okay fine