1. Manager of a furniture store that was very rude to me when I tried to get my couch repaired.
  2. People who went to the same college as I did but I definitely do not know them.
  3. People from high school I do not talk to and have no professional overlap with.
  4. Recruiters who message me about jobs without actually telling me what the company is because it probably sucks.
  5. Some guy that's friends with my dad.
  6. Sleazy guy who rented me my first apartment and requested me three years later.
  7. Woman asking me to join "a social society for young professionals who went to elite colleges."
  8. Guy I used to be friends with but I was secretly love with him but he never knew about it and now we don't talk.
  9. My cousin's ex-husband.
  10. Sketchy randos.