Even these beloved celebrities have eaten the toxic waste that is hot dogs, for shame! Just when you thought they were good role models.
  1. Betty White
    You'd certainly have to be "off your rocker" to eat something so appalling!
  2. Justin Bieber
    It really seemed like he was getting his image back on track!
  3. Beyoncé & Jay Z
    Even the Illuminati can't save you from cancer caused by hot dogs!
  4. George Clooney
    Just when we thought there was a celebrity who cared about the issues!
  5. Lady Gaga
    At least when she was wearing the meat she wasn't eating it!
  6. Drew Barrymore
    Really thought she had overcome her substance abuse problems, so sad!
  7. Nicole Richie
    I bet she'll wish her life was simple when she dies from eating this hot dog!
  8. Taylor Swift
    She knew that hot dog was trouble when she walked in... And she ate it anyway!
  9. Giada De Laurentis
    The new Paula Deen, time to pull her endorsements!
  10. Snooki
    She got punched in the face but that hot dog will punch her in the intestines!
  11. Maria Menounos
    This just in... Hot dogs will kill you!
  12. Jessica Alba
    She's married to Cash but her decision to eat that hot dog was rash!
  13. Vince Vaughn
    Much like True Detective season 2, finding out that Vince Vaughn eats hot dogs is very disappointing!
  14. Kim Kardashian
    I'm sure putting this hot dog in her body seemed like a good idea at the time... But much like Ray J, it's going to betray her! Time to shame her forever for it!
  15. Martha Stewart
    She should go to jail again for this!! Look at the size of that death trap! Hey Bush, we found the WMDs!
  16. President Obama
    Look at Michelle's face, she's like HELLO have you been listening to a word I said your entire presidency? Impeach Obama now!
  17. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but it turns out that many of the celebrities we love are vicious, evil, hot dog eaters!!! Time to write a smearing think piece!