Even these beloved celebrities have eaten the toxic waste that is hot dogs, for shame! Just when you thought they were good role models.
  1. Betty White
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    You'd certainly have to be "off your rocker" to eat something so appalling!
  2. Justin Bieber
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    It really seemed like he was getting his image back on track!
  3. Beyoncé & Jay Z
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    Even the Illuminati can't save you from cancer caused by hot dogs!
  4. George Clooney
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    Just when we thought there was a celebrity who cared about the issues!
  5. Lady Gaga
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    At least when she was wearing the meat she wasn't eating it!
  6. Drew Barrymore
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    Really thought she had overcome her substance abuse problems, so sad!
  7. Nicole Richie
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    I bet she'll wish her life was simple when she dies from eating this hot dog!
  8. Taylor Swift
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    She knew that hot dog was trouble when she walked in... And she ate it anyway!
  9. Giada De Laurentis
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    The new Paula Deen, time to pull her endorsements!
  10. Snooki
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    She got punched in the face but that hot dog will punch her in the intestines!
  11. Maria Menounos
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    This just in... Hot dogs will kill you!
  12. Jessica Alba
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    She's married to Cash but her decision to eat that hot dog was rash!
  13. Vince Vaughn
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    Much like True Detective season 2, finding out that Vince Vaughn eats hot dogs is very disappointing!
  14. Kim Kardashian
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    I'm sure putting this hot dog in her body seemed like a good idea at the time... But much like Ray J, it's going to betray her! Time to shame her forever for it!
  15. Martha Stewart
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    She should go to jail again for this!! Look at the size of that death trap! Hey Bush, we found the WMDs!
  16. President Obama
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    Look at Michelle's face, she's like HELLO have you been listening to a word I said your entire presidency? Impeach Obama now!
  17. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but it turns out that many of the celebrities we love are vicious, evil, hot dog eaters!!! Time to write a smearing think piece!