1. I am so sorry I've been behind on my travel lists!
  2. I've been living my life!!!
  3. But I was very excited to write them now that my trip is ending.
  4. However, those lists, like most of my lists, take a lot of time, a lot of thought.
    I usually write a few notes then take a break. I go and find pictures from my cloud account to include and upload those later. It's a craft!!!
  5. But now that you can't draft anymore I can't do that.
  6. So I guess I'll write like blog posts or something instead? IDK!
  7. I'm very sad about this change. It will make it very difficult for me to write lists.
  8. Sorry guys!!!! Anyway love u all
    Also I've been w/o internet for a few days so sorry if I'm so late to this party