If you're ever wondering, here are some wild guesses
  1. My neck hurts
  2. Forgot to brush my teeth
  3. Pants don't fit
  4. I have plans later that I'm dreading
  5. Tired
  6. Hungry
  7. Tired and hungry
  8. My shoes hurt
  9. Someone texted me a link they thought I'd like but I did not like it at all and now I feel very isolated and unsure about our relationship
  10. Saw someone's bad eyebrows
  11. Saw my own bad eyebrows
  12. Uneven wings on my eyeliner
  13. Someone pointed out lipstick on my teeth in a public setting
  14. Thinking about institutionalized racism, sexism, etc.
  15. Spoke to a fuckboy
  16. Someone asked, "are you okay?"
  17. So many unanswered emails
  18. Dropped the ball on one or more things
  19. No new episode
  20. My phone is dead and I don't have a charger
  21. Forgot to bring my headphones to work
  22. Worried "The People Vs. OJ Simpson" will be bad
  23. Worried Leo will win an Oscar
  24. Worried I'll never be able to own a dog
  25. Thought about the future at all
  26. I'm not doing enough to get the things that I want in life
  27. I need to mail something and the stress of getting that done is weighing on me
  28. There's a hole in my sweater
  29. Flyaways