This is my Jerry Seinfeld comedy bit ~observational~ ~fresh~ ~relevant~
  1. Throw pillows
    You don't throw them! And why are they even there? Does anyone like sitting on a couch full of throw pillows? They should be called "throw them in the trash" pillows! What's the deal?!
  2. Cold Feet
    When you want to leave someone at the alter, why is it called Cold Feet? Shouldn't it be hot feet because you're ready to run away from that sucker?? Plus, aren't the extremities always cold? Heck, my feet are cold right now, doesn't mean I'm gonna leave my wife! What's the deal?!
  3. Custom Mousepads
    Who wants a mouse running all over a picture of their dog? It's probably pooping on your dog! What's the deal?!
  4. Dave, the caretaker of Alvin and the Chipmunks
    Why is this young seemingly normal guy treating his pet chipmunks like children? Why does he have pet chipmunks in the first place? The whole situation is very peculiar. What if he entertains a woman visitor? Oh don't mind them, those chipmunks are my sons. What's the deal?!
  5. Quinoa
    Is it a vegetable? Is it rice? What's the deal?!
  6. Pluto
    It was a planet then it wasn't and now it's a planet again? What's the deal?!
  7. Butternut squash
    There's no butter or nuts in it! What's the deal?!
  8. Starbucks
    They're everywhere! What's the deal?!
  9. Miley Cyrus
    She's everywhere! What's the deal?!
  10. Pants
    Who decided each leg needs its own compartment? What's the deal?!
  11. The Nuclear Deal with Iran
    No really, what is the deal?