We have a cultural obsession with pizza. Pizza has transcended pizza. Pizza means relatable, cool, chill, not like other pizzas pizza. Pizza! Use it wisely. Let pizza be pizza.
  1. J. Law and pizza
    Jennifer Lawrence spoke of pizza and we went off. Jennifer Lawrence and pizza culture are one. Be like Jennifer, eat your pizza.
  2. She's just like us! Right? Pizza?
    I love her sincerely but our obsession with her is weird. And our obsession with pizza is weirder! We really latched onto this, and then it took to tumblr
  3. Pizza!!!!
  4. Pizza!!!!
  5. Pizza!!!!
  6. Pizza!!!!
    I'm just a regular girl who loves pizza
  7. Pizza!!!!
  8. Pizza!!!!
    This doesn't even make sense
  9. Beyonce and Pizza
    What's more relatable???
  10. Space imagery is a whole other exploration
  11. What even
  12. Then Beyonce wore an outfit of pizza
    Oh boy our appropriation of Beyonce and pizza became real!!!! That's how obsessed with pizza we are
  13. Ellen ordered a pizza during the Oscars
    OH mY GoD Meryl Streep ate pizza!!!! OUR pizza!!!!! Pizza is king and the universal experience of the world!!!!!! Eat pizza or die!!!!!!!!!
  14. Then, a rat ate pizza and changed the game
    We couldn't get enough. This rat was one of us now. This rat got it. This rat was more relatable than any Kristen Stewart role
  15. The day the pizza died
    Sexy pizza rat Halloween costume. The day our obsession became a disease. Became a plague, much like the one the rats brought us before
  16. So why? How? Why the humble pizza?
    Pizza parties have been a staple of excitement for decades. The Olsen twins taught us that as kids. But beyond that, why did pizza take on a deeper meaning?
  17. Pizza isn't something you make at home. You get it delivered.
    It means you're either too lazy to cook or you're having a party. Maybe you're having a lazy party. You just like to chill and order pizza. "How original," said no one. Pizza is meaningless because everyone likes it. Relating to pizza is relating to nothing and therefore highly unrelatable. We're screaming into an abyss.
  18. Anyway this phenomenon sucks, it's dead, pizza is over, long live Rat Rat
    Thank you Jezebel for teaching me about Rat Rat. Rat Rat is the Rat that dragged and ate another dead rat the way that Pizza Rat dragged and ate Pizza, and Rat Rat is king