Here is a lineup of a few of the women I would love to see carrying big budget films on their shoulders. They can handle it!!! They are all the best.
  1. Leslie Mann
    Why is Leslie Mann still playing secondary characters in rom coms? She starred in "This is 40" but with Paul Rudd and also that was directed by her husband. Why can't we see a version of "How To Be Single" where Leslie is the main character??? Honestly ???
  2. Mae Whitman
    She starred in the small indie movie "The Duff" but then wasn't even considered to reprise her role in the new "Independence Day" ??? She's the best????!!!
  3. Jena Malone
    Jena Malone was a teen star and now plays a tertiary character in "The Hunger Games" ? I want more Jena Malone centric films please!!! Bring me back to 2003!!!
  4. Judy Greer
    She literally wrote an entire book about how she has supporting roles in everything. I loved her on the show "Married" but it sadly got cancelled. Can we get her some starring movie roles now??? Beyond being the side character in everything??? Like can she be the star plz?!!!
  5. Maya Rudolph
    Why isn't Maya Rudolph literally everywhere??!!! Huh???????
  6. Parker Posey
    Where have you been girl??? Stop doing Woody Allen movies
  7. Retta
    Why isn't Retta in "Hail, Caesar?" Why isn't Retta in "The Revenant?" Why isn't Retta in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens?" Literally every movie would be improved by Retta
  8. Sarah Paulson
    She's killing it on TV and I'm waiting for her transition to movies. Like get this Queen her Oscar already!!!!
  9. Octavia Spencer
    Octavia you are so much more than "Red Band Society!!!" We need you!!!
  10. Gina Rodriguez
    She's only like the most charming talented actress ever??? Like I'm happy she's on Jane the Virgin but I'm sure she has time to lock down some starring roles when she's not filming!! Let's make her a movie star plz
  11. Busy Phillips
    She is the shining light of everything she's in, like hello America????? Why isn't she our number one???
  12. Kathryn Hahn
    My favorite human maybe ever?? Like why aren't you working with Martin Scorsese???
  13. Lupita N'yongo
    Lupita I know you're busy on Broadway rn but like America needs you to be in every movie for us. K thx