Draftmas::::: Listen I am a wonderful addition to any trivia team
  1. Don't worry about being the one to write down the answers, I insist on doing it
  2. You can just sit back and relax during the pop culture categories, no seriously stop talking and let me write
  3. I will yell at you which inspires you to be better
  4. I'm not afraid to argue with the hosts about the accuracy of their answers
  5. The good news is, if we get an answer wrong after I knew the right answer but we went with something else, you might get to see me punch the table! That's fun!
  6. When I do get something wrong, I won't take responsibility and will probably blame you or the trivia itself. Refreshing!
  7. Beforehand I'll tell you that we'll definitely win because I'm THAT good at trivia, but then we probably won't win because there were too many sports and math categories. That's a good life lesson!
  8. In conclusion, I am a fun and chill teammate you would be lucky to have