I spend a lot of time thinking about and admiring the work of women killing it in the fields I am interested in, but I think it's also important to check out a lady dominating a field you aren't familiar with and be like DAMN GIRL you killin it!! Here are some examples of women who I think rock even if what they do isn't my thing
  1. Serena Williams
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    I'm not here for sports really ever but Serena is a goddess to me. Greatest of all time, I love her and am constantly inspired by her poised yet authentic approach to being a public figure. She inspires me!
  2. Misty Copeland
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    I don't know anything about ballet but I know I love Misty Copeland. I want to see more of her. Keep rocking!
  3. Kacey Musgraves
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    I don't know anything about country music but I have been hearing about this Kacey Musgraves and I must say I think she is killin it! Her latest album is full of feminist tracks and she wears all glittery pink like a modern day Dolly Parton. Keep it up, Kasey Musgraves! You're killin it!
  4. Rowan Blanchard
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    I'm too old for Disney channel but Rowan Blanchard seems like a young star who is doing it right! Love that she has the courage and intelligence to speak up for women and underserved groups at such a young age. Killin it!
  5. Ronda Rousey
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    Like do I even know what MMA is? No, but Ronda Rousey seems pretty damn boss, especially when she calls out Floyd Mayweather for being terrible
  6. Susan Wojcicki
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    She's the CEO at YouTube which is a job I would never ever want but I am so happy to see a woman doing it and doing it well! Killin it
  7. Shonda Rhimes
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    Listen I wish I had the attention span to live in the #TGIT world but I need my TV watching to be low key or else I don't know what's going on. But Shonda Rimes obviously like destroys, slaughters, and dominates this genre of television, lifting up women, especially women of color, and telling their stories along the way. She's killin it but we all knew that.
  8. What I'm saying is~ I love all these women who are all vastly different from myself and my interests. It is easy to get lost in our own worlds but I think it's just as important to gain inspiration from those who represent something beyond you. Just wanted to say, I see you! Keep killin it, ladies