TV father figures who were, in fact, not their real dad
  1. Mr. Turner
    Shawn's real dad was named Chet and he really sucked. Mr. Turner is the classic you're not my real dad.
  2. Ray Campbell
    The twins were adopted which still counts as a real dad, but he only met one of them when she was a teen!
  3. Uncle Joey & Uncle Jesse
    Guys hello those kids had a real dad!
  4. Mike Brady
    He was only the real dad of half those kids!
  5. Frank Lambert
    Again, only real dad to half those kids
  6. Jason Seaver
    You might be like WOAH he's their real dad! But he wasn't Leonardo DiCaprio's real dad!
  7. Sandy Cohen
    Was only Seth's real dad, not Ryan's
  8. Dexter Morgan
    Dexter was not Aster and Cody's real dad which is probably a very good thing for them, sorry Harrison
  9. Uncle Phil
    Despite what you may think, Uncle Phil was not Will's real dad. That's why he called him Uncle.
  10. Grandpa Phil
    Despite what you may think, Grandpa Phil was not Arnold's real dad. That's why he called him Grandpa.