Don't argue with me, I am both a fílme expert and a disco connoisseur
  1. Oscar Isaac and Sonoya Mizuno in "Ex Machina"
    Though short, gotta believe Oscar tore up that fuckin' dance floor!!!
  2. Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams in "American Hustle"
    Mr. Cooper? In the perm and the leisure suit? Wow.
  3. John Travolta and Karen Gorney in "Saturday Night Fever"
    My first dance at my wedding will be the aptly choreographed banger "More Than A Woman" because of this scene
  4. Goofy and Sylvia Marpoole in "An Extremely Goofy Movie"
    Honestly if you went into this list and expected a different outcome, you don't know me at all. Also that's BEBE NEUWIRTH