As a reminder, I WORK AT SAG AFTRA and this is the garbage I hear. These are all paraphrased unless stated otherwise. This is on-going.
  1. "The new Katy Perry is very hot. She has a new haircut, she's blonde. She has this album out Witness. There's a song I really like, let me find it" (two minutes of scrolling later...what can it be?!) "it's called Swish Swish. It's very explicit, the whole album. She's definitely elevated herself but it's very good check it out"
    She was describing this to a way older, male coworkers. Kinda feel shitty saying this but it's also important to know he's black. What old, black man is listening to Katy fucking Perry?
  2. (Talking about an actress she was on the phone with) "she does stunts. Oh wow she's beautiful. She said she was on set, I bet it was Game of Thrones since they're coming back in a few weeks"
    Does my coworker think GoT films like a fucking sitcom?! Also GoT is filmed like, exclusively in Europe. She was on this actor's IMDb page too so like, look it up?
  3. (more on GoT) "I don't watch that show but I wonder who she plays. You know Jason Mamoa is on that show"
    Yeah in season one and then he dies, next
  4. "Gonna see the new Transformers movie. I like those movies a lot. I love what they've done to Optimus Prime"
  5. "Yeah she was on that show for a really long time. And she's so beautiful but awful hair. I think she has kids now"
    Who is this about? Someone help
  6. "The cycle of life, god The Lion King is one of my favorites. You know that movie did so well they made it into a play?"
    1) it's the CIRCLE of Life and 2) is it 1998? Do people not...know about The Lion King musical??
  7. No real quote her but she tried to describe the movie Mamma Mia (not the staged musical, the movie) as if some filmmaker got together ABBA songs and just did that for fun. And then she couldn't remember the name of the movie.
    I was laughing SO hard