1. ALWAYS assume other drivers are distracted
    Better safe than sorry.
  2. Don't be over confident
  3. Don't drive in fear
  4. Do not start the car if passengers are not fastened
    Simple, safe, solid rule to follow at all times. Whatsoever.
  5. When the light goes green, don't start immediately
    You wouldn't do this if you were carrying a baby, don't do it if you're carrying yourself. There could always be someone running late, driving past red lights. Wait for at least 2 seconds before accelerating.
  6. When a road is one way only, look BOTH ways before crossing
    Unnecessary you say? Someone may be committing an exceptional illegality, or simply not realize they're going against traffic. LIFE OVER LOGIC, you guys.
  7. You have absolutely NO responsibility to answer to texts or to people talking to you
    In other words, you are allowed to be what may be considered 'rude' (but actually isn't!)You DO have a responsibility of your safety and those inside the car
  8. Texts can wait
    Whatever it is. It can wait.
  9. Check before you open your door once you're parked
    This is a no brainer