Very meta, I know. (I'm sure this list would be much better if it were written by a talented writer, so if you are one and are reading this, please do so!) @dfly, your lists rock btw!
  1. I feel like writing a list about my favorite places.
  2. Wait, I can't do that.
  3. Oh, God, I hadn't realized this, but I actually can't.
  4. I've only ever created lists about the thoughts of someone or something.
  5. People will freak out if they see a different type of list.
  6. They'll unfollow me.
  7. Or worse, they'll comment: "write one about the thoughts of those places better 😂".
  8. Those greedy bastards.
  9. What, they think they pay me for writing?
  10. They expect me to write for their amusement?
  11. Although I really created a name for myself.
  12. It's my brand.
  13. My fucking BRAND.
  14. There's no turning back.
  15. And people like me that way.
  16. I'm the "thoughts of a..." guy.
  17. My lists are smart, funny, original, insightful...
  18. I can't just break the norm...
  19. The norm?
  20. Did I create a norm?
  21. It's my personal account!
  22. I can do whatever I want!
  23. It's not an account that specializes in one thing only!
  24. Nobody can force me to anyway.
  25. Actually, fuck them.
  26. I'll write a different list.
  27. I'll just name it "a different list" so everyone can go fuck theirselves.
  28. And maybe I'll create a new account with this "thoughts" brand, who knows...
  29. After all, I decide what to do.