1. He's not sitting around thinking about texting me
  2. However bad I'm feeling right now, it's not his job to fix.
  3. If it was, however bad I'm feeling right now, I could feel worse.
  4. I'm not going to get over that body by continuing to see it. Or do it.
  5. Let's be honest I'll probably text him.
  6. God dammit, I'm a strong independent woman.
  7. Well fuck this shit, I'm not texting this joker cuz I'm going home.
  8. I might get high..
  9. I'll probably just tell the delivery driver I'm high when I order the schwarma, wings, a milkshake and some hummas.
    I love how confused that place is.
  10. I'm painting my toe nails.
  11. I'm playing dress up and dancing to Destiny's Child music videos.
  12. I'm watching west wing.
  13. I'm going to bed
  14. I'm getting to know my body.
    I'm brushing my teeth high.
  15. Oh wow it's morning. I didn't text that guy.