I love food more than I love most people, tbh
  1. These acorn squash seeds I roasted tonight
  2. Fried rice
    My grandmas recipe. There's 2 packs of bacon in it. Yes, it's the best fried rice ever
  3. This grilled cheese
    Which may have fallen apart in the pan. BUT still the best grilled cheese I've ever made. Homemade Irish soda bread, pesto, and white cheddar
  4. Jennis ice cream
    One of the best ice cream shops in Chicago. I had root beer and brown butter almond brittle
  5. Glazed and Infused
    Aka doughnuts the size of your face. I had brown sugar with peach marmalade inside. Plus an iced chai latte.
  6. Sushi from Momotaro
    Aka the first time I ever ate sushi. Basically, I now love sushi yet am a huge snob about it. It's a problem
  7. Charcuterie board
    From my favorite wine bar. I'm not 21 yet. They still serve me wine sometimes. Don't tell anyone.
  8. Coffee and Macarons
    From my favorite lil coffee shop on campus. Would go there probably everyday if it weren't on the opposite end from me
  9. Waffles
    From bouchon bakery in Vegas. Hate Vegas, but love the food. These, in particular, were banana foster waffles
  10. Chinese food
    From my favorite Chinese restaraunt on campus. Lauren and I go here probably every other week. I always get my two favorites, salt and pepper fish + water spinach sautéed with garlic. Plus xiao long bao (not pictured, obviously)
  11. Wood fired oysters
    In New Orleans, which was basically the vacation I never stopped eating. Which I am definitely not complaining about. I probably had oysters every day but these were by far the best
  12. Chocolate soufflé with Caramel gelato
    From my parents anniversary dinner, also in New Orleans. Because it deserves two photos. And this chocolate soufflé made my die and go to heaven, basically. It was perfect