This is only a small sample.
  1. Adele's latest song.
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    I'm already obsessed and I've only listened 1.5 times at this point. Screenshotted for Instagram purposes. No shame.
  2. A hamster with a ball and two golden retreivers in the background.
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    To be sent to Aaron. Cause silly hamsters remind me of him. Taken from @bob_marley_goldenretreiver Instagram. Follow for adorable Brazilian puppies.
  3. Stalker shot of a girl I went to middle school with.
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    Mom thought she worked at the university with her. She was wrong. (Good thing no one on this thing follows me yet!)
  4. The three truths.
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    @benisidore Instagram. Also taken for Aaron.
  5. A conversation where I had to remind my fiancé that we were no longer dating.
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    Proof for future blackmail. Or something. Maybe I just think we are adorable?! So sue me! (Don't really, I have no money...)