1. ordering a coffee with confidence because you're not just some Starbucks scrub. you know what a cortado is and you're totally fine that it comes in a tiny cup.
  2. being able to afford nike running socks.
    but the kinds that are tighter in the middle of your foot. because you can't afford to have that thing move around in your shoes.
  3. when your putting on your trendy jeans with the holes in the knees and your foot makes it all the way through.
    i have many jorts. and they didn't start out that way.
  4. when you make it one more stop with your gas tank on E.
  5. when people cancel their plans with you because you never really wanted to go in the first place.
  6. when you get through the entire day without someone telling you that you look tired.
  7. using all the milk before it goes bad.
  8. remembering that you have a lent roller in your glovebox.
  9. stealing the waitresses pen, because it "writes so smooth".
  10. being given a million dollars annually.