An Incomplete List of My Best Theater Memories

In (roughly) chronological order although I already screwed that up.
  1. "Our Town" Brea Olinda High School
    I was probably seven or eight years old. My babysitter played Mrs. Gibbs.
  2. "Annie Get Your Gun" Los Angeles Civic Light Opera
    Debbie Reynolds, bitches.
  3. "Forty-Deuce" Pan Andreas Theater in West Hollywood
    Senior year in high school. The photo in the LA Times had cute guys, so I dragged two girlfriends to what turned out to be Alan Bowne's play about Times Square male prostitutes. When we came out of the theater, our car had been towed. The actors took us to the tow place and paid to get our car out. Fun fact: one of them was Steve Antin, who was David Geffen's boyfriend at the time (not that I knew that) and directed BURLESQUE.
  4. "Buddy Systems" Tim Miller at some random theater in LA
    Performance art, bitches. Sincerely opened up a whole new world.
  5. "Blue Window" my university
    My first love directed this as his senior project, because I saw it on PBS and gave him the script. He wanted to cast me but the head of the department wanted me in another show. In retrospect, one if us would have killed the other, so all was for the best.
  6. "The Grapes of Wrath" Steppenwolf at La Jolla Playhouse
    Worked in the box office for two summers. Watching Lois Smith and Terry Kinney and Jeff Perry every night was a joy.
  7. "Macbeth" La Jolla Playhouse
    There was a UCSD grad student working in the box office with me and he was a real pain in the ass. He was cast in the tiny role of The Porter and he was utterly and completely mesmerizing for the entire five minutes he was on stage; one of the few times I remember thinking "This guy is going to do great things". That guy's name was Jeff Mays, who went on to win multiple Tonys.
  8. "Grand Hotel"
    My first Broadway show so I'm putting it here even though I recall nothing whatsoever about it.
  9. "Hamlet" Sledgehammer Theater, San Diego
    They didn't cut a word and it was almost four hours long. Bruce McKenzie's performance was maybe the best thing I've ever seen.
  10. "Three Sisters" La Jolla Playhouse
    John Lovitz got his Equity card. Nancy Travis as Masha is still burned in my brain.
  11. "Romeo and Juliet" Old Globe, San Diego
    Michael Cerveris played Mercutio and I wanted to make out with him. (Idea for list: Dudes I Should Have Tried Harder To Make Out With.)
  12. "Measure for Measure" Old Globe, San Diego
    Still my favorite Shakespeare play.
  13. "Texarkana Waltz" Circle X, LA
    This playwright is kind of a one hit wonder...but what a hit.
  14. "Drinking in America" Eric Bogosian some theater I don't remember cuz I was probably stoned.
  15. "Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Funk" Ambassador Theatre (Broadway)
    This show was the true "history written with lightning".
  16. "The Homecoming" Cort Theatre (Broadway)
    It was perfect. Not great. Not exceptional. Not outstanding. COMPLETE. FUCKING. PERFECTION.
  17. "The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby" Royal Shakespeare Company at the Ahmanson in LA
    This list is out of order now. The seminal experience of my theater life...
  18. "DruidSygne" Lincoln Center
    ...except maybe for this one.