Today is an exceptional wonderful day. I need to write down all the reasons I'm happy so I can reread this list on a day that I'm considerably less happy.
  1. I woke up and that was wonderful.
    I got in a car accident a couple of months ago, so I'm pretty excited to wake up these days.
  2. When I got to work, my beautiful team had torn down my old tiny space and built me a new one with their bare hands and love.
    This is special because we have staff in the facilities department who are supposed to do this but they can't complete a remodeling project until like 6 months after you ask.
  3. Pizza!
    I had pizza. Enough said.
  4. I found a layer of Reese's Cups in the candy jar.
    It was HIDDEN and I FOUND it and now they are mine.
  5. I have an idea I'm really excited about for my Honors Thesis.
    If I'm not gonna bother spending 10 months of my life writing a seventy page thesis if I'm not even excited about the idea.
  6. I basically haven't done any real work today outside of laughing and shenanigans with my team.
    I have the best team ever and do other people love their coworkers this much?
  7. I have new books waiting for me at home.
    Oh boy.