When a tired toddler, two new molars and so many tears collide
  1. I can't believe this is my life
  2. Was having him a bad decision?
  3. Oh my god, he's still crying
  4. I don't think I'm cut out for this
  5. I'm a bad mom
  6. His sadness is breaking my heart
  7. Still crying. This is the worst
  8. My shirt is soaked through to my bra with toddler tears and snot
  9. He fell asleep on my husband. That's sweet. Maybe this will turn the day around.
  10. Now it's my turn. Sleeping on my lap, looking so peaceful. He's warm and snuggly and feels like my baby again
  11. I think I'm losing my hearing from all the screaming
  12. I love him so much, I hope this moment where it feels like I helped his broken heart and he just needs some love lasts forever.