Not a judgement on the band or artist, just music I haven't gotten around to experiencing for one reason or another. Ok the real reason is that I listened to classical music and musical theater almost exclusively until I was in my 20s.
  1. Led Zeppelin / Pink Floyd
    I know these are two different bands but for some reason I equate them with a similar musical idea but could absolutely not tell you what that idea is. Welcome to my weird brain
  2. Rolling Stones
    Honestly just don't think they're for me. Sorry!
  3. Grateful Dead
    Interested and committed to working on this in 2017. Am feeling overwhelmed with the task but also excited.
  4. Pearl Jam / Nirvana
    I think I missed the window on these guys. Did I? Whenever these bands come up in conversation I sit there feeling dumb.
  5. Bob Dylan
  6. Madonna
    I'm terrified to admit this for some reason