This is about all the feelings ladies have when they're menstruating. If you have a problem with "period talk"....get over it I guess??
  1. Why did I start crying in the shower?
    Am I depressed? I feel depressed. But it came on so suddenly what is wrong with me??
  2. I think I have an anger problem
    I just said fuck you in a loud voice to that guy on the subway. He's just trying to get to work Sarah, chill out. (I don't want to chill out fuck you!)
  3. Why did I start crying on the subway?
    See above posts
  4. I am FAT
  5. I am HUNGRY
  6. I feel so alone
    You know that twilight zone episode where Eugene just wants to read but people keep bugging him and one day he wakes up and SPOILER the world has ended but he finds a library and is all excited and then trips and his glasses break and the he sits on the library stairs weeping and feeling hopeless? yeah that.
  7. I feel like I might barf
  8. I want to be cocooned on an island of soft blankets
  9. Hugs needed