Currently. And in no particular order.
  1. Melody Gardot
    Her voice. Her new album. Her story. She's incredible.
  2. Leslie Feist
    Her voice is so sexy. Saw her in concert, and got to sit 6 feet away from her onstage. It was amazing. She also smirk-laughed at me because I was dancing geeky.
  3. Jessica Smith
    Part of Eustace the Dragon. Her voice will break your heart, and then put it back together again.
  4. Karen Berquist
    From Over the Rhine. Love love love.
  5. Ella Fitzgerald
    I fell in love with Ella in college. Listened to her everyday while barista-ing. I could listen to 'Azure' forever.
  6. Blossom Dearie
    My kids request Ms. Dearie daily. I especially like her self-titled album.