1. Eustace the Dragon
    Jessica Smith will break your heart and then put it back together again with her hauntingly beautiful voice.
  2. Forage Modern Workshop
    Craftsmanship and beauty can make the world a better place. A collection of goods for the modern lifestyle. Minneapolis.
  3. Little Neechers/May May and Co
    Hip clothes for kids, promoting ethical and local manufacturing.
  4. Staggered Lights
    Post-punk/rock instrumental. Minneapolis.
  5. Melody Heide
    Writer. Love & Profanity: A Collection of True, Tortured, Wild, Hilarious, Concise, and Intense Tales of Teenager Life.
  6. Greycoats
    Some indie rock. Some tangible art.
  7. Buddy J
    Live in Portland? Then go see Buddy J's Jamaican Jazz Band.
  8. Kieffer Bros
    Word games? Puzzle games? Kieffer Bros makes quality iPhone games.
  9. Clibber Jones
    7-piece Chamber Rock Band. Atlanta.