1. Eustace the Dragon
    Jessica Smith will break your heart and then put it back together again with her hauntingly beautiful voice. http://bit.ly/1Q1Wlca
  2. Forage Modern Workshop
    Craftsmanship and beauty can make the world a better place. A collection of goods for the modern lifestyle. Minneapolis. http://bit.ly/1Apw31I
  3. Little Neechers/May May and Co
    Hip clothes for kids, promoting ethical and local manufacturing. http://bit.ly/1AkfHaW
  4. Staggered Lights
    Post-punk/rock instrumental. Minneapolis. http://bit.ly/1Q1WbBv
  5. Melody Heide
    Writer. Love & Profanity: A Collection of True, Tortured, Wild, Hilarious, Concise, and Intense Tales of Teenager Life.
  6. Greycoats
    Some indie rock. Some tangible art. http://bit.ly/1Ka6f9S
  7. Buddy J
    Live in Portland? Then go see Buddy J's Jamaican Jazz Band.
  8. Kieffer Bros
    Word games? Puzzle games? Kieffer Bros makes quality iPhone games. http://bit.ly/1Bhfosm
  9. Clibber Jones
    7-piece Chamber Rock Band. Atlanta. http://bit.ly/1Apw5GG