1. Nana's ghost appearing on the ceiling
    After three beers my Grandma, while baby sitting me, would tell me the story of her Mother appearing to her, floating on the ceiling. In the room I was sleeping in. Shivers.
  2. My brother becoming the Anti-Christ
    My dad read me Revelation (the last book of the Bible) at age six.
  3. Random Thieves
    I read a lot of Nancy Drew.
  4. Anyone coming to the door
    Someone trying to get us to come to their church? Or someone selling candy bars? My mom could spot them a mile away, and would turn off the lights and tell at us to hide behind the couch until they had left.
  5. Missing the rapture
    See above note about the anti-Christ.
  6. Bloody Mary
    I still avoid looking in mirrors at night.
  7. Sleeping at my best friend's house
    Everyone in her family talked, laughed, or sang in their sleep. All the sounds echoed through the upstairs while I laid awake, freaked out.
  8. Adrianne Shea
    My Cabbage Patch Kid looked exactly like Chucky.