Songs that belong to my husband and I. Pure nostalgia.
  1. Solid Gold - Luxury
    It was 1997. The first time I had a real conversation with Adam was while listening to this song (and album). My crush started. I borrowed the tape from him. 'Fate has brought us together, says I | Your place or mine? she replies | To have and to hold | Solid gold'
  2. Red & Blue Jeans - The Promise Ring
    We were apart during spring break. I called him every day. This song was on repeat. 'Nothing feels good like you in | red and blue jeans | and your white and night things'
  3. Elsewhere - Sarah McLachlan
    Fumbling Towards Ecstasy was an awakening album for me. He wasn't really into it, but I belted out this song on every car trip, thinking about him. 'But I love the way you smile at me | I love the way your hands reach out | and hold me near'
  4. Guitar and Video Games - Sunny Day Realestate
    We broke up. Then we broke up again in the break up. We got back together, and How It Feels To Be Something On came out. We listened to it at my apartment, in his dorm room, in the car, everywhere. This song always ended in kissing. 'Remember you in the top of my room | All these things remade me and caused | to be something grand'
  5. Favorite One - Tess Wiley
    'forever wanting more than I am holding, | but holding only what can fit inside my hand | one day I'm going to wrap myself around you | you're my favorite one
  6. Unfinished - Mineral
    'I wish you could put your ear up to my heart | And hear how much I love you | I still dream of December | dancing together with rings in our fingers'
  7. All I Want - Joni Mitchell
    I discovered Joni in college. Luckily Adam loved her, too. 'I want to be the one | that you want to see | want to knit you a sweater | want to write you a love letter | want to make you feel better | want to make you feel'
  8. The Pearls - Luxury
    I walked down the aisle to this song. In this terrible ocean | in this terrible sea | we are pearls.
  9. I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos
    We went to Vero Beach for our honeymoon. This song was playing everywhere. 'All the stars out tonight | I don't know if it's cloudy or bright | I only have eyes for you'
  10. All I Want is You - U2
    'But all the promises we break | from the cradle to the grave | when all I want is you'
  11. Transatlantic - Deathcab For Cutie
    I mean, it's all the feelings. 'I need you so much closer | so come on, come on'
  12. The Nearness of You - Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald
    'I need no soft lights | to enchant me | if you'll only grant me | the right | to hold you ever so tight | and to feel in the night | the nearness of you'