1. I've never written a cookbook before, so I really don't know what I'm doing.
  2. I absolutely love testing recipes.
    Failures suck, but I always learn so much. I've learned so much! It's thrilling.
  3. Writing a baking book with 100 original recipes means it is impossible not to eat sugar and butter constantly.
    This has not been so good for me. I'm addicted to sugar, really. Six more month of testing!
  4. Two recipes turned out amazing on try one. Everything else has been made 30+ times and counting.
  5. I had to take a break from my cake chapter because I am so sick of eating cake.
  6. Writing a cookbook with a 5 year old home with you 85% of the time is challenging.
    He used to love to help me bake. Now he waits until I'm super busy and tries to get me to let him have extra time playing Mario Bros.
  7. I am constantly reading cookbooks in the in between times.
    All the time.
  8. My mom is always giving me recipe ideas that wouldn't work for my book.
    Sorry, Mom.
  9. A lot of my friends don't think I'm really working, just eating a lot more.
    It's not all fun and games here! #seriously
  10. I have to have at least five pounds of butter in my fridge or I get panicky.