1. Coconut Cream
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    Made with a coconut milk pastry cream, and my almost-perfected all-butter crust. Topped with a pile of whipped cream. Delicious.
  2. Peach Streusel
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    Used tapioca flour as a thickener. A little to gel-like, but flour is too pasty. Try again.
  3. French Silk
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    Deep chocolate flavor and perfectly smooth. I think it's a go!
  4. Blackberry-Apple
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    Used a mix of flour and cornstarch. Also too gel-like. Ugh. Also swapped vodka for water in the dough to see if the crust would be flakier. Just made the dough obnoxiously soft, and more rip-able when rolling. Try again.
  5. Extra-Credit: Apricot Galettes
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    Good. Not great, but good. Try again.