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Only 6 of these actually worked. But, it's hilarious the things guys would say to get laid. Sorry if I'm a prude now.
  1. I love you from the moon and back
  2. I want something more than just sex
  3. I always knew you were something special
    Die, but yes
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To each their own, but the following are not my own. This list might be a little harsh, sorry.
  1. Selfish talkers
    People who just don't contribute anything to the conversation, but somehow direct the conversation to talking about themselves, stop, shut-up & walk away.
  2. Greys Anatomy
    I've attempted to watch the show three times and I don't understand the hype.
  3. The ending of How I Met Your Mother.
    Why..... Just why??
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  1. I've lost 26 lbs in the past 4 months and need to lose 14 more so I can reward myself with a new tattoo.
  2. My friends are really amazing, and they love me so much.
  3. Good people have to do shitty things sometimes.
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  1. 1.
    Insecurities resurface when you start a new relationship.
    I forgot/buried a lot of insecurities and have been so single for so long that I forgot I still can be hurt.
  2. 2.
    It's hard to say I love you first.
    Really hard.
  3. 3.
    Don't buy a new car just because you paid off your car.
    Just paid off my Mazda, and tempted to suffer through another 3 years of car payments.
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All my exes were idiots, but they were stepping stones of growth and bettered me in strange ways, so I appreciate them for making me who I am today, but they all still disgust me. I'm not that girl that stays friends with the past.
  1. Thank you idiot, for making me cry so damn much and breaking my heart everyday, because it made me stronger, a little bitchier, but I understand that I am worth more.
    At some moments, I knew you did love me, but you wanted to be with other women, so I let you go.
  2. Thank you idiot, for being the most clingiest, jealous, crybaby boyfriend ever, because it made me understand that I need to stop playing with little boys, and taught me to stop wasting my time.
    You were young, and constantly asked me if I loved you. I'm sorry if I was hard on you, but I wasn't going to slow down in life for you.
  3. Thank you idiot, for wanting me and not wanting me at the same time. You taught me to loosen up and have a little more fun. You gave me the chance to be the one that got away for once. But our time is long over.
    When we were together, it was beautiful, but your timing was awful, and it's not all your fault.
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Omg, why am I thinking about baby names, well I already started, no point of stopping now.
  1. Ary Sophia
    Both mean wisdom, one in Khmer and the other in Greek
  2. Kalianna
    Sweet darling in Khmer
  3. Airene
    Means peace in Greek
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  1. Laying down with a pile of puppies
  2. Laying down with a pile of hot male celebs
    Channing Tatum, Johnny Depp, Chris Evans, Tom Huddleston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, George Clooney. Etc..
  3. Sitting on the couch, eating an endless bowl of spaghetti, watching Friends marathon, and end up losing weight
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These books are like chicken soup for my soul.
  1. The Nightingale, Kristen Hannah
    I've read this book a total of 3 times and each time it touched my heart. A fictional story about two French sisters trying to survive Nazi France.
  2. The Host, Stephenie Meyers
    Just because the movie was awful, doesn't mean the book itself was bad. I truly got attached to the characters.
  3. In the Shadow of the Banyan, Vaddey Ratner
    A great novel, that puts you in the shoes of a young Cambodian girl, who had to grow up faster to survive. Really gave me perspective on my own mother's struggle in fleeing Pol Pot.
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