1. Insecurities resurface when you start a new relationship.
    I forgot/buried a lot of insecurities and have been so single for so long that I forgot I still can be hurt.
  2. It's hard to say I love you first.
    Really hard.
  3. Don't buy a new car just because you paid off your car.
    Just paid off my Mazda, and tempted to suffer through another 3 years of car payments.
  4. Don't max out your cards.
    Because it hurts to pay your cards back off.
  5. It's not as upsetting to be in debt, when you spent the money to travel to Europe.
    It's okay to let yourself enjoy life.
  6. Not telling your mom the whole truth isn't lying.
    My mom taught me to only speak when something needs to be heard, and not blabber about things that will hurt the person hears it.
  7. It's really hard to lose weight.
    But you can do it if I can do it.
  8. Don't let a man or any person set your worth.
    Everyone is worthy of love.
  9. When you try to make plans for yourself, that's when you fall in love.
  10. Just because something needs to be said doesn't mean it needs to be heard.
  11. Pit bull's music is great for running.
  12. NPR is not only for Liberals.
  13. It's okay to go watch a movie alone.
    You don't talk in the theater anyways.
  14. Let yourself be vulnerable sometimes
    That's how you become stronger
  15. Giving up cheese is too hard, so I will never be a Vegan.
  16. After filling in your eyebrows once, you will never have them unfilled in public again because you will realize how empty your eyesbrows really are.
  17. It's hard for me to be sexy. Especially when I try to be.
  18. It's okay to roll your eyes at skinny girls on a diet.
  19. I can't ever be with a guy older than me, why am I attracted to men that are one or two years younger than me. For shame.
  20. Run in zig zags when a snake or alligator is chasing you.
  21. Dont kill spiders because they eat the bugs you don't like.
  22. Tattoos are addictive.
  23. Being kind to others is a very difficult task.