1. I've lost 26 lbs in the past 4 months and need to lose 14 more so I can reward myself with a new tattoo.
  2. My friends are really amazing, and they love me so much.
  3. Good people have to do shitty things sometimes.
  4. I discovered that I'm actually the other woman in my new relationship and my new "man" has a girlfriend in California
  5. God's timing is perfect, and he keeps things interesting.
  6. Me Before You was not a great movie.
  7. When I get upset I like to just drive with no destination.
  8. Social Media sucks, list is the only good app.
  9. I should start a blog.
  10. Guys are shitty, and I'm a shitty person too.
  11. Vegan Brownies/Blondies are delicious af, and they are made with chickpeas, mind blown.