Only 6 of these actually worked. But, it's hilarious the things guys would say to get laid. Sorry if I'm a prude now.
  1. I love you from the moon and back
  2. I want something more than just sex
  3. I always knew you were something special
    Die, but yes
  4. Why resist something that's natural
    Weirdly yes
  5. If it's going to happen inevitably, why not tonight?
    This was an LOL NO in person
  6. You were always beautiful to me
    Sadly, yes
  7. Can I have a kiss?
  8. So do you want to have a good time?
  9. You and I would make something beautiful
  10. Sing "Loving You Easy" by Zac Brown Band
    This sadly worked
  11. Do you want to fuck?
    Not to most creative approach, deserved an instant no.
  12. One day, I am going to marry you.
  13. I could fall in love with that ass
  14. We both want it.
    I didn't
  15. Do you want to?
    Like, how was that supposed to get me in the mood?