To each their own, but the following are not my own. This list might be a little harsh, sorry.
  1. Selfish talkers
    People who just don't contribute anything to the conversation, but somehow direct the conversation to talking about themselves, stop, shut-up & walk away.
  2. Greys Anatomy
    I've attempted to watch the show three times and I don't understand the hype.
  3. The ending of How I Met Your Mother.
    Why..... Just why??
  4. The ending of Friends.
    Rachel should have just gone to Paris.
  5. Ariana Grande
    I don't really know anyone that enjoys her.
  6. Taylor Swift
    I might not like her because I'm just secretly jealous of her dating history.
  7. Sugar in my Coffee or Tea
    No thanks.
  8. Vaping
    Unless you are doing it to stop smoking, I have no respect for vapers
  9. Plastic Surgery
    Unless you have a physical abnormality, love you body.