Because he likes his beverages. And loves to describe them.
  1. Con Sur - Looks baffled and confused. "Is that... a tobacco finish? It is. It takes like the aftertaste of Skoal. I wish I didn't know what that tasted like. But I like it."
  2. Inteligencia Riakiberu - "Smell this and tell me it doesn't smell like a Thai restaurant." "Is a currant spicy?" "It tastes like smokey black pepper."
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  3. Santa Sandia and "the Negroni thing" - "I just had the best drink of my life and the worst drink of my life in one night. Both ends of the spectrum." In reference to the Negroni, "Does this taste like grass to you...It has a terrible aftertaste...It tastes like gasoline."
  4. Inmacualda Washed Eugeniodides - Mmm it does taste like beer the way it finishes. It hits at such a weird place on your tongue. It really does. Try it. This is so interesting. I want to try all of the coffees. I don't know why I buy anything but intelligentsia. It is by far the best.