1. They have pretty glossy covers that make food super sexual
  2. When I see the latest issue sticking out of my mail box...
    710b457d 3a3e 4f8e bc42 6294ca8789a7
    I act like this: http://bit.ly/1ekODhb
  3. Because every recipe I've ever made from BA came out solid. Truly
    You can be a complete idiot in the kitchen and still nail it
  4. Adam Rapport's editor letters are like poetry.
    I actually read one aloud to my dinner party guests one time and then cried.
  5. You can have people over for dinner without having to test run the recipe first
    You know, with people you like less
  6. They have these how-to-pull-crazy-shit-off-without-murdering-someone guides that were meant just for me
    Like this one: http://bit.ly/1NxDvdj
  7. I love that the recipe instructions feel like your best friend wrote them to you
    When a batter looks too thin or the caramel sauce looks burnt, they tell you to chill the fuck out about about it, it's suppose to look like that
  8. They have the most amazing app EVER
    I've been known to force friends into letting me give them a tutorial of the app.... whether they cook .... or give a shit
  9. They write about local restaurants that I actually know and can go to
    Like Mozza, Bestia, Alma....
  10. Everyone who works there seems just SO cool
    I want to be their friend
  11. I love that *most* recipes are simple and don't require 17 impossible to find exotic ingredients
  12. They give props to young, experimental chefs
    Who also happen to be gorgeous bearded studs (AHEM: Ari Taymore of Alma)
  13. They have an answer for everything you don't know how to do
    Like how to spatchcock a chicken: http://bit.ly/1JyqNtj (I mostly just wanted to say spatchcock)
  14. In every issue they have this thing called "the back of the napkin" where celebrities write down their favorite/go to thing to eat/drink/cook
    My next list will be best of Back Of The Napkin but for now enjoy their summer issue with Elizabeth Banks: http://bit.ly/1UaN06B
  15. I'm OK admitting that BA Magazine is my porn and making their Duck Confit with Pickled Raisins is how I masturbate.
    Duck Confit recipe here: http://bit.ly/1C0Huxw