1. #1 BEST: Whitney Houston, 1991 Super Bowl:
    THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING BETTER THAN THIS. Whitney is the gold standard.
  2. #2 BEST: Beyoncé, 2013 Super Bowl Press Conference:
    This was to prove she could actually sing it because her inauguration performance was pre-recorded, this was her basically saying fuck off world. Also, her 2004 Super Bowl rendition wasn't bad either:
  3. #3 BEST: Jennifer Hudson, 2009 Super Bowl:
    Not my favorite arrangement, but it's really about the vocal and
  4. #4 BEST: Faith Hill, 2000 Super Bowl:
  5. #5 BEST: Carrie Underwood, 2006 Seahawks Game:
  6. #6 BEST: Luther Vandross, Super Bowl:
    I hate the arrangement but that vocal is heaven. #lutherforever
  7. #7 BEST: Lady Gaga, 2013 NYC Pride:
    It went against my instincts to include Gaga, but she actually delivers
  8. #8 BEST: Destiny's Child, 2006 Houston:
    While I'm a semi-traditionalist, the harmonies are just too on point to not include.
  9. #1 WORST: Roseanne Barr, 1990 Padres Game:
    Who authorized this?
  10. #2 WORST: R Kelly, 2005 Boxing Match:
    You must be kidding. This should be considered a felony and punishable by life in prison.
  11. #3 WORST: Victoria Zarlenga, 2012 Soccer US vs Scotland:
    Poor thing
  12. #4 WORST: Christina Aguilera, 2011 Super Bowl:
    Tough year for X-Tina
  13. #5 WORST: Demi Lovato, 2008 Cowboys Game: AND 2012 World Series:
    Oh boy, where to start...
  14. #6 WORST: Idena Menzel, 2015 Super Bowl:
    If you are going to scream at us, please at least scream in tune
  15. #7 WORST: Taylor Swift, 2008 World Series:
    She was so young, maybe not her fault #istillloveyouTaylor
  16. #8 WORST: Steven Tyler, 2011, NFL AFC Championship :
    This was just bad casting
  17. #9 WORST: Michael Bolton, 2003 Red Sox vs. Yankees Game:
    NOTE: This one isn't about a poor performance, it's about the thing that happens about half way through #priceless
  18. There are sooooo many more, but I need to go eat pie now... HAPPY 4th!
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