(Except not really)
  1. Have a pap-smear
  2. Have to get from Santa Monica to Glendale anytime after 2pm
  3. Actually, make that having to go anywhere from Santa Monica after 2pm
  4. Having to work while on vacation
  5. Having our AC break during a heat wave... or any day in Los Angeles
  6. Having to tell a client they didn't get the gig
  7. Having to tell your husband your mother is coming to visit .... for more than 4 days
    She's barely got the hang of facebook, so.... I'm not worried
  8. Trying to place a take out order over the phone with someone who just can't make out anything you are saying
  9. Getting pulled over on the same street twice in one week
  10. Buying a really expensive bottle of bourbon for a friend as a gift, bringing it to dinner in a cheap gift bag, and then said bag give out smashing said bourbon on the side walk
  11. Getting a bug bite through your jeans
  12. Okay, actually this list thing isn't so bad