1. This BETTER be good
  2. We're here at 10am, the only suitable time to go to the movies on a holiday weekend. We're so clever.
  3. I hope Chris Pratt pulls his weight. I mean, I love Andy.... but we're talking deadly dinosaurs ok? Please be a man.
  4. When is like Alex gunna get out of the bathroom?
  5. This BETTER be good
  6. What is this music they are playing? Whiny, untuned violin .... Annoying
  7. DUDE Giacchino better bring his A game with the score. All I need is John William's theme when they are in the helicopter from the first movie. It makes me get all sentimental and mushy and I NEED it. Please don't disappoint.
  8. I'm definitely pissing my husband off by writing this list
  9. This BETTER be good
  10. I'm excited to see the water dino eat the great white shark like in the poster. That better happen.
  11. I have never had higher expectations of anything else, EVER
  12. Looking forward to see my old friend T. rex
  13. People complained they thought there was too much blood and guts. What do they think happens when you mix humans and prehistoric predators? DUH
  14. This BETTER be good