1. I'm from Massachusetts motherfuckers!
  2. George Washington was TALL
  3. Sailing to/from Europe was no joke
  4. You do NOT want smallpox
  5. You also don't want to get inoculated either
  6. Oh THATS how New England was formed
  7. How do I not remember any of this from school?
  8. Abigail Adams is my kind of feminist
  9. SPEAK UP George Washington, stop whispering
  10. Thomas Jefferson is such a flirt
  11. I can only stay awake for one episode per night
  12. The French were friendly!?!?!?!?!?
  13. How are we so cool with Great Britain now? They were ASSHOLES
  14. John Adams, get some swagger man
  15. Everyone: BRUSH YOUR TEETH
  16. When does John's cousin start making beer?
  17. My scalp would be dying after three days with one of those wigs
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