This might sound shallow, but I love crushing on famous people (mostly actors) and I'm always conflicted if I like the actor for the characters he plays, hair, fame appeal, or personality. But I'll explain how I got heart eyes for the following people
  1. MATT BOMER: Neal Caffery- White Collar
    A friend recommended White Collar to me and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with this character, even though he was a con man. He was dressed sharply and extremely intelligent. I feel like Matt Bomer has the same charm in him in real life. He can also sing like a god. And dance, he played a stripper in Magic Mike XL, but Neal Caffery will forever and always have my heart
  2. MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER: Spencer Reid- Criminal Minds
    Spencer Reid is an actual genius with eidetic memory. He is an FBI agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit and his contributions to the profile always fascinate me. He is awkward, but is such a sweetheart and caring deep down. In real life Gubler has directed episodes of Criminal Minds which were always impressive. I admire his artistic talent and his quirky, fun personality
  3. CHACE CRAWFORD: Nate Archibald- Gossip Girl
    So this "black sheep" is a little different. He dresses more casually and his hair isn't always done, but he's still extremely handsome and love him to pieces. In Gossip Girl, he was the most down to earth character in my opinion. He was a solid person who helped his friends when they needed it. He's a dream boyfriend and such a gentleman. And he has a beautiful smile, absolutely gorgeous.
  4. GRANT GUSTIN: Barry Allen- The Flash
    I actually like him more than his character. (Barry makes some dumb choices, but that's for another He sings and dances too when he was on glee. He has a good sense of humor and never fails to make me laugh. Hair, smile, and style are all impeccable. I follow him on social media and he is very aware of the world around him which makes him more personable out of all of these actors.
  5. AARON TVIET: Danny Zuko- Grease Live
    If a guy dresses like a Greaser, I'm immediately drawn to him. Now if this greaser is Danny Zuko, wow. He sings and dances too. He has a beautiful voice and loves theatre. He was in Les Mis and did excellent as always. Such a talented man.
  6. EDDIE REDMAYNE- he's such a bean I love him so much
    I first saw Eddie Redmayne in Les Mis and I was like, "Wow, he's so handsome and talented woah!" But then I watched him in the Theory of Everything and this man amazed me. I sobbed at least 3 times during that movie. Not only is he talented, but he is such a shy and adorable person. He isn't this suave celebrity and is a genuine person in interviews. Can I please have my own copy of Eddie Redmayne that is my age-6 years older than me?
  7. DAVE FRANCO: Jack Wilder- Now You See Me
    This is my favorite picture of Dave Franco of all time. The character was confident and very smooth, he's a magician. But aside from that, his smile and laugh are so special. I think he has a very nice voice too. I feel like he is classier than his brother James, but they're both handsome and have a heartwarming quality about them.
    Wow! Someone finally around my age! I didn't like his character Luke in Jesse when I first saw it, but he did get my attention. When I found out he could dance, my heart melted. He also has a very nice smile and very charitable. He believes and supports important causes like clean water supply and it's admirable of him to advocate what he stands in. I actually had a crush on someone who resembles him a little bit.
  9. Yes, I'm aware these guys are all dressed nicely. I have a thing for guys in suits and men's hairstyles too.
    And I do like charming guys and actors tend to be more charismatic and open bc thats a part of their job. In real life, I find a lot of non-actors are attractive/handsome, like hockey players and the USA men's gymnastics team (Jake Dalton)
  10. BUT as the great Neil Patrick Harris once said:
    You can never go wrong with a nicely tailored suit 👔