Not that I can sing, mind you.
  1. All I Really Need is the Girl
    Got my striped tie, got my hopes high, got the time and the place and I've got rhythm, now all I need's a girl to go with them....It's just such an awesome line, and don't forget how needs rhymes with tweeds earlier in the song. Big love, Sondheim, big love.
  2. Some People
    I actually feel these lyrics. Also I do a decent Ethel Merman impression without trying too hard. Plus the superfast lines, good riddance to all the places I had to go to all the theaters I had to play, getting those out with good timing makes me feel excited, like a Broadway star.
  3. Mr Goldstone
    I actually know all the words and can skip them out pretty fast and this never fails to impress dorks.
  4. If Mama was Married
    I really like the way the melody rises and falls in big giant swoops
  5. Dainty June and her Farmboys
    I can't tell you how many times I have randomly burst out yelling about my new cow, my moo cow named Caroline.
  6. Let me Entertain You
    I like the kiddie version. The sexy stripper one is too over-the-top, kind of embarrasses me.
  7. Together, Wherever we Go
    This is a fun little ditty to sing and embarrass your friends at work.
  8. You Gotta Get a Gimmick
    Look, I love the song but it's entry-level Gypsy karaoke. That said, I will never tire of casually saying "if you gotta bump it, bump it with a trumpet."
  9. Everything's Coming Up Roses
    I can't really sing the song. It belongs to my dad, really. I appreciate the fuck out of it though.