It's always tempting to get riled up by this shitshow of a public transit station at the heart of San Francisco's tourist district. Here are some ways it works.
  1. Horrifying, even shocking displays of poverty around every corner providing probably important reality check as I descend from Union Square with colorful bags of superfluous crap.
  2. Lengthy corridors create forced meditative walks through homelessness and best in class tech advertising simultaneously, offering surprising meditation of the culture of America's cities
  3. Filthy upkeep and presentation effectively barely masks American disdain for foreigners
  4. Convenient elevator access directly from Lark Creek Steakhouse et al makes for interesting farm to table experience incorporating some less humanely treated mammals
  5. Longstanding possibly publicly subsidized Jehovah's Witness What's Really in the Bible station keeps me intrigued enough to wonder what in fact is actually in the Bible long enough to continue my work in Jewish animation for another day