1. 8:30 -Homemade cappuccino
    With headache and screaming toddler
  2. 9 - three eggs (one yolk), tortilla, cheese, salsa
    If you take out some of the yolks it's like a spa
  3. 9:45 - another coffee
    Less well made, not enough foam
  4. 1 - can of boring vegetable soup, toast with cream cheese, huge square of milka bar new au pair brought from Czech Republic
  5. 2:30 -numerous Mediterranean canapés with too much cinnamon
    Catered baby naming thing. Grape leaves. Rollups. Puff pastry things. Tiny cupcakes.
  6. 7:30 - bomb ass Korean fusion dinner at Namu Gaji plus a glass of rice lager
  7. 10 - bourbon cocktail at deadly quiet but well designed bar where I wasn't allowed to use my phone to snapshot the creepy underlit busts hanging very high on the walls like some Westeros revenge shit
  8. 10:15 - disappointing vanilla ice cream, and too much of it
  9. 11:45 - one stick of juicy fruit offered by uber driver, which I can still taste