OMG how long has THAT been in there?
  1. Lip stick caps
  2. Lipstick (with various debris stuck to it)
    Don't worry - you'll clean it off some day and it'll be good as new.
  3. Gum wrappers
    When is the last time you bought gum? Do they even make this brand anymore?
  4. Napkins
    What? Sometimes there are picnic emergencies.
  5. Hard Candy
    Did grandma sneak those in or was that part of the (partially) ironic Werther's Original phase you had?
  6. Tampon Applicator
    Unused (hopefully) and mysteriously missing its cottony buddy.
  7. The gum from those wrappers...ew
    Oh and they've melded with the missing tampon to form a being of perfect of minty absorbency. Disturb this creature at your own risk.
  8. A single packet of ketchup
    Um, it's called PREPAREDNESS.
  9. Your dreams of being an organized adult
    Those were pretty much garbage in the first place