It might be Hollywood's biggest flop, but if it has one of these actors, obviously I'll still pay to watch it...several times.
  1. Emma Watson
    She's magical. Sure, in my mind she'll always be little Hermione in Harry Potter (obviously why I first began to love her) but I was thoroughly impressed when she chose to attend Brown. She is the reason I read and watched The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and why I was begging friends to go watch Noah with me. As if I didn't already love her, HeForShe has put her on top. Can't wait to see her as my favorite Disney Princess: Belle!
  2. Jennifer Lawrence
    Have you heard any single sentence she has said in an interview? HILARIOUS. Everyone wants to be her friend. Not to mention, she's a phenomenal actress and excels at a variety of characters.
  3. Tom Hanks
    I have never experienced a bad Tom Hanks movie. Epitome of talent.
  4. Matthew McConaughey
    He's not so bad looking and he can make you laugh or inspire a thought provoking conversation depending on the character.(How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is probably still my favorite of his, though A Time To Kill and Interstellar are close behind.)
  5. Sandra Bullock
    Miss Congeniality was the first movie I watched with her and I was hooked. I've never not enjoyed a movie she chose to bless with her acting ability.
  6. Robin Williams
    He always brought so much laughter to the big screen and managed to remain heartfelt. What an entertainer he was! RIP
  7. Jimmy Fallon
    As the host of The Tonight Show, he doesn't have a whole lot of movie experience. BUT I LOVE JIMMY FALLON. It could be the world's worst film and I would watch it even if Fallon only made a two second cameo.